Experience the epitome of French indulgence with Pierre and Michel Authentic French Bakery’s exquisite patisseries, now available for online ordering. Our curated selection includes the luxurious Opéra, the divine Walnut Brownie Mousse, the delicate Vanilla Éclair, and an array of other tantalizing treats such as Tropezienne, Saint Honoré, and Paris-Brest.

Image of a single serving of French Opera cake. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French brownie mousse dessert. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Decadent vanilla eclair with a light pastry shell, filled with creamy vanilla custard, and topped with a glossy layer of icing. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Delectable Tropezienne pastry - a golden brioche bun split in half, filled with luscious cream, and topped with a tantalizing sprinkle of powdered sugar. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French Saint Honoré pastry. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French Paris-Brest pastry. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French mille-feuille pastry. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French Métisse pastry. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Scrumptious Hazelnut Cake by Pierre and Michel in New Jersey
Scrumptious Twix bar with a buttery biscuit base, topped with creamy caramel, and coated in smooth milk chocolate. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French Exotic dessert. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French chocolate éclair. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French baba au rhum dessert. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French Bordeauxlait dessert. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Image of a single serving of French crème brûlée dessert. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery
Delicious homemade tiramisu dessert served in a glass dish, consisting of layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, creamy mascarpone cheese, and dusted with cocoa powder. Pierre and Michel your authentic French bakery

Opéra (The multiple scene of the Paris Opera): All in delicacy and elegance, one of the noblest pastries in Paris. This perfect Opera cake with its crunchy frosting, the soft biscuit, the firm ganache, and the butter cream silky will have the precise sweetness with a subtle of coffee and chocolate flavor. This Opera cake always unanimous, will make drop tears at the first bite and fight for the last crumb! Miam!

Walnut Brownie Mousse: Halfway between a brownie and a cookie, it's the little sweetness dreamed of all the undecided. Chocolate brownie mousse cake, a decadent dessert, so creamy and tasty you won't want to share it! This irresistibly gourmet Dessert will awaken your senses. A little chocolate, and immediately life is more beautiful! !) Tout simplement succulent!

Vanilla Éclair: A soft choux pastry, a vanilla cream, and an icing, discover or rediscover one of the favorite pastries of the French. All in length, the crispy choux pastry coated with its cracker highlights the very creamy vanilla cream. This éclair is an intense, balanced result, not very sweet and which gives way to a particularly creamy texture. Encore!

Tropezienne: Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our Tropezienne, a heavenly delight that transports you straight to the sun-soaked beaches of Saint-Tropez. Our Tropezienne is a masterpiece of French pastry artistry, featuring a tender brioche bun, generously filled with a sumptuous blend of velvety pastry cream. It's then delicately dusted with powdered sugar, adding a touch of sweetness to every bite.

Saint Honoré: The masterpiece of French patisserie that everyone can only dream of being able to create myself. The golden, buttery puff pastry, layered with delicate cream and crowned with perfect dollops of whipped cream, makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Miam! The caramelized sugar gives it that irresistible crunch, adding the perfect balance of sweet and salty to every bite. It's a dessert fit for royalty, those who get to indulge in its decadent, heavenly flavor. You will admire from afar and imagine the pure bliss that comes with each and every bite of that envy-inducing Saint Honoré pastry. C'est bon!

Paris-Brest (la roue de Velo) : This choux pastry filled with praline mousseline cream and sprinkled with slivered almonds is your delicious gourmet. Pleasant in the mouth with its mousseline cream, hazelnut praline and roasted buckwheat, this chef-d’oeuvre will sure delight you. Its generous poaching of praline cream, and its crunchy hazelnuts will make absolutely everyone agree, it is unthinkable not to taste it! C'est top!

Mille-Feuille: Loved by the precision of its puff pastry, its level of cooking, its lightness in the mouth and by the balance brought by the filling, whatever it is, this made in house “Mille-feuille” will delight your test bud. It’s layers upon layers of delicate puff pastry, each one perfectly baked to a golden crisp, make my mouth water. The way the creamy pastry cream sandwiched in between those layers’ oozes out ever so slightly when you take a bite, mingling with the buttery pastry, is pure bliss.  It's a dessert that's so exquisite, so delicate, and so delicious. C'est excellent!

Métisse: As you delve into this cake, you'll encounter layers of mousse that have been meticulously crafted to deliver an exquisite taste experience. The dark chocolate mousse, with its velvety smoothness, takes center stage, offering a deep and rich cocoa flavor that's both indulgent and captivating. But the journey doesn't end there. Our Metisse Mousse Cake is a symphony of complementary flavors. Imagine the subtle sweetness of crème brûlée filling, a perfect contrast to the dark chocolate mousse. This creamy caramel essence adds a touch of sophistication, creating a harmonious balance of taste sensations.To add a delightful contrast, we introduce elements of texture. Between the layers of mousse and cake, you'll discover the satisfying crunch of hazelnuts. This not only elevates the overall experience but also introduces a nutty richness that complements the other flavors.

Hazelnut cake: Each luscious layer is a symphony of flavors and textures, with moist hazelnut-infused cake interspersed with velvety hazelnut cream. The exterior boasts a decadent hazelnut praline frosting, adorned with delicate accents that reflect the artistry of our bakers. Perfect for any occasion, our Hazelnut Cake is a testament to the harmonious blend of traditional French techniques and the finest quality ingredients.

Caramel Twix Bar: This Twix bar revisited by chef Michel brings a fresh and intense sensation in the mouth. Powerfully chocolatey, this bar combines crispy, crunchy, soft, and tasty. This new version of chocolate bar consists of crispy, smooth, and creamy chocolate mousse, melting caramel and a crispy cookie at the bottom. A powerful taste, with a sweet touch that will make you smile. Voila!

Exotic: At the heart of this exotic mousse cake lies a dreamy, velvety mousse that showcases a fusion of exotic flavors. Imagine the luscious creaminess of tropical coconut mingling with the tangy sweetness of juicy pineapple. This delightful pairing creates a tropical symphony that will transport you to sun-drenched shores with every delectable bite.

Chocolate Éclair: The secret of this chocolate éclair is its perfect texture and the freshness of the dough accompanying an old-fashioned pastry cream. Garnished with a smooth and creamy chocolate cream, this éclair develops a powerful taste, without being bitter, and its fondant reassures with its very classic side. In the mouth, the sensation is fresh and intense and feels Powerfully chocolaty. This chocolate éclair offers an intense, balanced, slightly sweet result and leaves room for a particularly creamy texture. Grandiose!

Baba Au Rhum: For pastry lovers, the simple fact of pronouncing this word "Baba au Rhum" evokes a foretaste of what can be the tastiest, softest, and most fragrant, full of syrup and melting to perfection, in short, a moment of perfect pleasure. The perfect balance between the flavors of the slightly sweetened rummy cake and the particularly vaporous whipped cream. Grandiose!

Bordeauxlait: This pillar of the culinary heritage of the city of Bordeaux (Southwest of France). Its golden-brown exterior, with a crisp, caramelized crust, is a work of art that everyone can only dream of mastering. The interior, oh, the interior! Soft and creamy, with hints of vanilla and rum, it's a symphony of flavors that melts in your mouth, leaving behind a sweet, buttery aftertaste, unadulterated pleasure.  No wonder that the Bordeauxlait is a French delicacy that is so highly coveted by pastry lovers around the world. it’s so “parfait”!

Crème Brulé (Crème de la crème): For exquisite “degustation” this crunchy and melt-in-the-mouth dessert will rounds off your relish. By breaking the thin caramelized layer that characterizes this unique unctuous flavor, you will dive into the creamy vanilla cream to finish delighting your “Oh la la” test!

Tiramisu: The thing of beauty! Layers of delicate ladyfingers, soaked in rich espresso, and arranged with precision, create a stunning base for the velvety smooth mascarpone cream that tops it. The way the pastry cream is whipped to perfection, each dollop sitting delicately atop the ladyfingers, is a sight to behold. The cocoa powder, lightly dusted over the top, adding a touch of contrasting color that enhances the visual appeal of this exquisite dessert. Voilà!


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