“Oh Oui” A true delight for anyone with a sweet tooth.
Discover the French tarts from Pierre and Michel, a gourmet assortment to offer or to share. Best of tart maker in New Jersey, Chef Michel from Pierre and Michel authentic French bakery invites you to the pleasure of tasting different tarts with ten different delicious fruity flavors.

Fall in love with these delicate and delicious tarts.
A wide range of fruits to discover, for a unique tasting moment. These precious tarts with aromatic notes reveal an intense and powerful fruit taste to enjoy without moderation. The Apple tart, Fresh Berry tart, Pear tart, Peach tart, Strawberry tart, Chocolate tart, Mango tart, Lemon tart and Hazelnut vanilla tart reveal the excellence of a selection of the different fruit from the world. Select the tart of your choice and add them to your shopping list.

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